Recorded on a restored microphone used by Jimi Hendrix at The Heavyweights Studios in North Hollywood, CA, The Day Life Began is a perfect mix of classic R&B songs with a few selections of gospel and jazz tunes.

“’Imperfect Love’ was a labor of love even if it didn’t start out that way,” says Regina Belle. “I was up late at the dining room table at about 4:00 a.m. writing what I thought to be a throwback kind of love song when I had the misfortune of humming a few bars of what I’d written. I say misfortune because my husband (former NBA player John S. Battle with The Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers) had the nerve to say without ever looking up from the puzzle that he was completing, ‘You’ve already written that song.’ Not knowing what he was talking about, I defended myself and rebutted that I’d just written it and he said, ‘Gene we’ve heard that song before!’ He then proceeded to tell me that 90 percent, if not 99.9 percent of relationships come into existence with excess baggage. Both people have been through things both good and bad. He also told me that he knew that I was excited to get another shot at recording R&B, however, I still had the responsibility to minister and help people with their relationships. So I trashed my first lyrics and thought about what he’d said. I pondered on how the most perfect relationship was the ability for two people to pull together all their imperfections and make them work. Hence that’s really a perfect love.”