Who’s your Best Friend? #92QBFF

The Kenny Smoov Morning Show wants to know…

Who’s your Best Friend? Who would you split $500 with?

Well if you already know who that person is, then you both have to sign up here!

Then listen up to the Kenny Smoov Morning Show each weekday at around 7:10am.

If we call your name, you’ll have 9 minutes and 21 seconds to call us back. Do that and you’ll instantly win $250

You can then choose to keep the $250 OR have us call your best friend for a shot at winning a total of $500! If they answer you’ll win an additional $250

So now…who’s your Best Friend?


contest rules here


Tory Lanez Takes An L In Court

Tory Lanez Takes An L In Court

Tory Lanez filed a motion in court for a gag order to be lifted in the case against him in Los Angeles County, but the rapper’s request was denied, meaning that he is still not allowed to publicly address his charges involving Megan Thee Stallion Last summer, Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion were involved…