Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (02-15-19)



Man Charged For Allegedly Setting Business On Fire And Threatening Owner

42-year-old James Hayward Williams, also known as Spanky was charged with 11 federal crimes in connection to the burning of Music City Garage and a shooting at On the Go Tires in Nashville. He then allegedly set fire to Music City Garage two times: once during the early morning hours on December 22, 2018 then again on December 24 and December 26, trying to extort $30,000 from the owner. The complaint also charges Williams with possessing a .40 caliber pistol after having been convicted of a felony and firing multiple rounds from that pistol at On the Go Tires, as well as an extortion attempt to collect $20,000 from a person associated with that business. Williams was said to have fired the gun at the business and at a vehicle that was occupied by a young girl, narrowly missing her. If convicted, Williams faces more than 100 years in prison.


President Trump is expected to announce that he will use executive action to draw upon a variety of administration funding sources to help finance construction of his border wall, a White House official said. The executive action is expected to include a national emergency declaration. The official confirmed the President is set to announce the total amount to be in the range of $8 billion. The official did not specify exactly where all of that money will come from and whether the executive action would withstand a court challenge, which could come from Democrats.


Terry Key started the Edgehill Bike Club to get kids out of the neighborhood, away from gangs, guns, and drugs. His new idea to inspire change is actually revolves around a business. “The name of my chicken is Drop It Like It’s Hot Wings,” Terry said.

Drop It Like It’s Hot Wings is Terry’s chicken, and his dream to give kids in the Edgehill neighborhood a business, a way to earn honest money, and start their own dreams. “I don’t want to see them dead or locked up, you know what I am saying,” said Terry. Terry is hoping to have the food truck parked out in Edgehill by the time the weather warms up. He also has a bike with a rack on the back for kids to sell ice cream. “Let me try and save some of these kids man,” Terry said.


Franklin Police have charged an 18-year-old from Nashville after someone was robbed at gunpoint near a Franklin bank. Just before 8 p.m. Thursday, a victim was robbed at gunpoint at the Bank of America on Murfreesboro Road. Tips led investigators to believe Ryan Craddock was responsible for the crime. Working with other law enforcement agencies, Franklin Police found evidence suggesting that Craddock is the person captured in surveillance footage.

Metro Schools Bus Drivers Make Desperate Plea For Higher Pay

The people who make sure your kids get back and forth to school safely made a desperate plea. “Yes. Dog catchers makes more money than school bus drivers,” said a school bus driver during a recent Metro Schools board meeting.

One after one, Metro Schools bus drivers addressed the school board, demanding more pay as they prepare next year’s budget.

Metro Schools says they are short 50 drivers. Many of them are leaving for higher paying jobs like in-town deliveries. The spike in online shopping means more delivers and more need for drivers.


ATV DIRTBIKE Street Takeover

ATV DIRTBIKE Street Takeover

ATV DIRTBIKE Street Takeover Yesterday was the second day in a row that police have attempted to control the off-road vehicles that are driving through Nashville causing havoc but have struggled to do so.  One of the ATV’s fell on top of another car. The driver of that ATV ran and jumped on the back…

Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (03-18-19)

Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (03-18-19)

  Kim Kardashian West Makes Plea To Nashville Landlords After Matthew Charles Denied Again Remember Matthew Charles, the man granted early release after serving more than 2 decades behind bars and Kim K is paying 5 years of his rent? Well he was denied a lease application Friday for the second time after finding a…