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New Law Would Penalize Gun Owners Who Leave Guns Out In Childs Care

A law to penalize gun owners who leave their guns out where kids can grab them and injure themselves and others was submitted to the state legislature. Makayla’s law was named after Makayla Dyer, an 8-year-old girl who was shot and killed by an 11-year-old in 2015. The 11-year-old had access to his father’s gun and shot Makayla after she wouldn’t let him play with her new puppy.

According to the bill’s sponsor, state senator Sara Kyle, that death was preventable if gun owners were penalized for not locking up their guns.

“Say if someone has left their gun out, say on a table, they walk in or they put their gun on top of a refrigerator, in a nightstand, under a pillow, children know where that gun is and they can access that gun. And a lot of times it’s out of curiosity, with no intention to hurt another person, but it’s reckless endangerment,” said Senator Kyle.

Under the law, the penalty would be a class E felony. Kyle said this bill should be more successful than previous years because it specifically targets people whose actions lead to the harm or death of a child or someone else because a child had access to a gun.

“I just want people to be educated and aware that we’re losing too many people in our communities. Too many family members over a gun that’s being left out and accessible to children,” said Senator Kyle.


The search continues Tuesday for the man accused of shooting “multiple rounds for several minutes” at Columbia police officers Saturday. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added 47-year-old Jamal Gardner to the statewide Top Ten Most Wanted list. Columbia Police Department released body cam footage of shots being fired at an officer. Gardner is wanted for attempted first-degree murder, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and aggravated domestic assault. Authorities say Gardner should be considered armed and dangerous and anyone who spots hime should contact 911 or call 1-800-TBI-FIND immediately.


The Community Oversight Board’s primary focus is to investigate alleged officer misconduct. Well, the House Republican leadership announced Monday that they have filed legislation to limit the Board’s authority to compel witness testimony or issue subpoenas for documents, among other restrictions. The charter currently reads that the oversight board possesses “all powers, including the power to compel” held by other Metro government agencies, boards and entities. The civilian board’s subpoena power was among the aspects of the amendment most criticized by the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police, a police advocacy group that launched an unsuccessful bid to defeat a vote on the measure.

The legislation would also prohibit an oversight board from imposing membership requirements based on demographics, economic status or employment history, which would pose a problem for Nashville’s board. Four members of the new board come from neighborhoods considered economically distressed, a requirement of the charter amendment.


Arrests have been made in a series of vehicle burglaries and auto theft in Hendersonville last month.Three teenagers are facing more than a dozen charges each for vehicle burglaries and theft in the Alexandria Place subdivision on the morning of January 22, according to Hendersonville police. Arrested are 19-year-old Jamarius Baker, 19-year-old Kevon Sherill and 18-year-old Jordan Walker, all of Nashville. They are charged with nine counts of burglary and four counts of theft. Police recovered the stolen vehicle on Jan. 25 in Nashville.


Nashville International Airport will soon welcome a host of new dining and shopping options, including several of the city’s most-loved and closely followed brands.

The companies set to negotiate leases with Fraport range from trendy local restaurants such as Party Fowl, Hattie B’s, 400 Degrees, Prince’s Hot Chicken and Shake Shack. Lower Broadway brands Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Acme Feed & Seed and Ole Red, among many others.



Metro Action Commission

Metro Action Commission

  Metro Action Commission Address: 800 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201 Phone: (615) 862-8860  

First Tennessee Park, ballpark of Nashville Sounds, to be renamed First Horizon Park

First Tennessee Park, ballpark of Nashville Sounds, to be renamed First Horizon Park

  First Tennessee Park, ballpark of Nashville Sounds, to be renamed First Horizon Park The Nashville Sounds has announced  that First Tennessee Parkwill be renamed First Horizon Park. The ballpark’s new name is pivotal in First Horizon’s new rebranding and structuring. They merged with First Tennessee Bank and it’s subsidiearies in June. Sign changes at the park…

Two Arrested At South Nashville Motel For Trafficking Teen

Two Arrested At South Nashville Motel For Trafficking Teen

  Two arrested at South Nashville motel for trafficking teen 22 year old Ashley Henderson and 22 year old Tyreese Manuel were arrested for trafficking at a south Nashville motel after an investigation by the  Specialized Investigations Division and South Precinct detectives. They were trafficking a 17 year old girl from Memphis for prostitution. Two people from…

Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (08-23-19)

Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (08-23-19)

      MLS STADIUM COSTING MORE THAN ANTICIPATED The Major League Soccer stadium that is being constructed at the fairgrounds is going to  cost between $50 million and $70 million more than initial estimates, but taxpayers will not be responsible for the cost. Nashville SC ownership will foot the bill for the expenses over the $250 million. With a…