Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (01-10-19)



A man is arrested after police say he raped a 15-year-old and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old in Nashville. Walter Velasquez, 28, was arrested on Thursday morning after two juvenile victims came forward and claimed to police about his sexual advances. According to the Metro police affidavit, Velasquez is the boyfriend to the victim’s mother and the 15-year-old claims that he has been raping her since she was 13-years-old, shortly after him and her mother started dating. The victim advised that her mother went to work on Saturday around 5 a.m., while she was looking after her 2-year-old sister Velazquez came into the room, forced her clothes off and began to have sex with her, read the affidavit. The other juvenile victim is 13-years-old and told officers that Velasquez has been inappropriately touching her. In Oct. 2018 he aggressively rubbed, touched and grabbed her buttocks then outside of her pants near her vagina, where he ran his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breasts, according to the police report. Velasquez is charged with rape and sexual battery, booked into the Davidson County jail with a bond set at $250,000.

Police Searching For Armed, Masked Robbery Suspect In Madison

Police are searching for suspect who was involved in an armed robbery out of Madison on Wednesday night. Officers responded to the Exxon at 3740 Dickerson Pike just before 9 p.m. for a suspect who stole money from the register at gunpoint. After the robbery, the suspect fled the scene on foot. The suspect is a male black who is 6’1″, 20-30 years old, thin build wearing a black hoodie, navy shorts, gloves, orange mask and armed with a small black pistol. The investigation is ongoing.

Trump Says He’s Ending FEMA Help for Wildfire Victims Due to “Forrest” Mismanagement

  • President Trump threatened to cut off FEMA funds to California wildfire victims because he thinks the state mismanages its forests.
  • “Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest fires that, with proper Forrest Management, would never happen,” Trump tweeted, twice misspelling “forest.”
  • He added, “Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money.”
  • Trump later resent the tweet with the correct spelling for “forest,” but not before earning the nickname “Forrest Trump” on Twitter.


Ohio Governor John Kasich has finally commuted the sentence of a woman who killed her habitually abusive ex-boyfriend while he attacked her—after she’d already served 15 years in prison. Thomia Hunter was convicted of murdering Andrew Harris in 2005, but it wasn’t until this last June that the Ohio Parole Board recommended clemency on the basis of evidence not presented at her trial. But new evidence related to battered woman’s syndrome—a subcategory of PTSD—apparently convinced the parole board that Hunter was telling the truth, and also that Hunter “proved she suffered prior domestic abuse at Harris’s hands, and that she genuinely feared for her life and had no way to escape his attack in the minutes before she stabbed him.” Too bad the jury didn’t feel the same way when they convicted her of murder and felonious assault in 2005, for which she was ordered life in prison. She will be released July 15


Officers stopped a vehicle fitting the description in connection to Nashville and Franklin robberies, three people have been arrested. A Trailblazer was pulled over on Clarksville Pike on Tuesday night with three male occupants in the vehicle. The SUV had an AR-15 style pistol under the rear passenger’s legs, 29 grams of marijuana, two black digital scales and three pistols, according to a Metro police affidavit. Donte Wilson, 18, Raymond Smith, 19 and Andre Rucker, 22 are charged with felony gun and drug possession and are under investigation for the robbery cases. They all are booked into the Davidson County jail with a bond set at $100,500.


Man Arrested After Smashing Out Car Windows In East Nashville

Man Arrested After Smashing Out Car Windows In East Nashville

Man Arrested After Smashing Out Car Windows In East Nashville A man has been arrested after smashing out windows of vehicles with a crow bar in the area of Fatherland Street early Thursday morning. Police were dispatched to Fatherland Street near S 11th when it was reported that someone was vandalizing cars. When officers arrived, they located…

Top 5 Things You Should Know Today (01-18-19)

    Trump Cancels Military Plane Nancy Pelosi Was Set to Take on Overseas Trip President Trump canceled a military plane that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to take on an overseas trip. In a letter, Trump dismissed the weeklong trip to Afghanistan, Brussels and India as a “public relations event,” but said Pelosi…

Proposal Would More Than Triple Mount Juliet Property Tax

Proposal Would More Than Triple Mount Juliet Property Tax

Proposal would more than triple Mount Juliet property tax Mount Juliet City Commissioners plan to explore a proposal that would more than triple the city’s property tax. Right now, homeowners in Mount Juliet pay 16 cents per every $100 of assessed home value. A resolution is asking city leaders do create a mock budget where…